A trade audit system fully automates the process of data collection and in trade merchandiser processes using only WhatsApp! Our back end provides real time reporting and internal alerts to specialized teams for critical variances.




Frankie Chalifour

Director - Marketing and Development

We were first introduced to Shift Interactive in 2019. At the time we were curious about the possibilities of a messenger enterprise solution for our business. Since the pandemic we have seen an explosion in WhatsApp conversations with our customers and we weren't able to deliver the level of service we wanted with a regular handset-based WhatsApp number. So, we revisited Shift's SocialHive platform this year decided it was a perfect fit for our needs.

Once the system was up and running, we were shocked to find out how many customers were contacting us through the company's WhatsApp number and how many conversations were taking place on this platform. We have also been able to automate some of our internal processes; now when a customer uses the conversational claims process in our WhatsApp channel an email alert automatically sent to our claims department with all the critical information already collected by the bot.

We were really surprised by the ease of the whole onboarding process. From contract signing to going live took us only 2 months. There were no implementation fees or hidden costs, and the Shift team was agile and very responsive to our needs. Not your typical software installation to say the least!


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